Wallace unloads on Fox co-host for pro-Trump lies


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Demand the Senate subpoena John Bolton in Trump's impeachment trial!


As has happened dozens of times in the last 3 years, your efforts are working. GOP Senators are waivering on their refusal to allow evidence at Trump’s trial. So don’t let up. Keep speaking out, signing petitions, and calling your senators at 202.224.3121. Demand justice!

Today’s Top Stories:

“Get your facts straight!” Chris Wallace unloads on co-host after she tries to sell pro-Trump spin

The veteran reporter had enough of his colleague’s dishonesty and called her out on live TV.

Take Action: Demand McConnell admit damning new evidence from Giuliani’s henchman at Trump’s impeachment trial!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Chris Wallace humiliates Republicans trying to downplay Bolton bombshell

While almost everyone at Fox pretends that there is nothing to see here, only Wallace has the integrity to acknowledge that the evidence against Trump is overwhelming.

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Check out this week’s episode: Trump has two new problems bigger than his impeachment trial

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Romney, Collins say Bolton report strengthens case for witnesses, makes them increasingly likely
At least four Republicans would need to support Democrats’ call for testimony in a vote expected this week.

Bolton told Barr he was concerned Trump was granting favors to autocratic leaders
The president’s former NSA saw Trump’s abuse of power up close, and Republicans are determined to keep him silent.

Take Action: Tell the ABA to disbar Attorney General Barr for abusing his office to abet Trump’s partisan corruption.

“Nothing was ever said to John Bolton.” Trump desperately tries to downplay bombshell revelation with unbelievable lies
The president tried to do damage control in a Monday morning media event but ended up throwing fuel on the fire.

Florida A.G. who accepted illegal $25k gift from Trump scolds Bidens on “corruption” in Trump’s impeachment trial
The Trump team made a mockery of the trial hearing by sending a corrupt attorney general to lecture the nation on corruption.

Election year is here!

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Senator Duckworth brutally mocks Trump for draft-dodging after Ken Starr compares trial to war
The Iraq veteran and war hero couldn’t believe her ears and quickly dropped a hammer.

State Department boots NPR reporter from trip after Pompeo spat
The Trump regime’s retaliation is as petty as it is tyrannical.

Ken Starr, as Trump lawyer, argues that impeachments should not be used as weapons
“How did we get here?” asked the guy who tried to remove a president from office for an extramarital affair.

Trump’s lawyer embarrasses himself with Senate tirade about Democrats handing out “pens”
The president’s lawyer scraped the bottom of the barrel with his arguments in yesterday’s trial.

AOC condemns Trump’s ‘wealth test’ for immigrants
The progressive icon called out the ‘cover charge’ immigration rule after the Supreme Court gave Trump the green light.

Take Action: Trump is STILL keeping kids from their parents. Demand an end to cruel family separation NOW!

Today’s Action: Tell your Senators to admit evidence at Trump’s trial

The evidence of Trump’s guilt was already overwhelming. In the wake of revelations that Trump told then-National Security Advisor John Bolton that Ukrainian aid was being withheld until investigations were announced into his political rivals — directly contradicting the president’s chief defense — it is simply irrefutable.

Republicans’ response? To carry on as if the evidence does not exist, burying their heads in the sand, and trying to get the American public to do the same. This is unacceptable.

It is IMPERATIVE that the Senate trial include the witnesses and evidence that Trump withheld from the House impeachment inquiry. Call or email your Senators and demand they vote to include additional testimony and documentation.

The second article of impeachment Trump is on trial for is obstruction…and Trump is gleefully doing exactly that.

There’s no time to waste. Trump’s trial is well underway and ‘Midnight Mitch’ blocked the Senate’s chance to include the witnesses and evidence needed to conduct a fair and transparent trial from the offset. Our next opportunity will appear at the conclusion of Trump’s defense argument, early next week.

If you’ve called, call again, and don’t let a day go by without reminding your Senators that a trial without witnesses is a complete sham, and the American public is watching.

Email or call (202.224.3121) your Senators and tell them they MUST vote to bring witnesses and withheld evidence into this trial. Anything less than basic transparency is a complete cover-up.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition calling on the Senate to subpoena John Bolton in Trump’s impeachment trial, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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