Weather Service corrects Trump’s bad hurricane advice

Tell Republicans: Join Democrats to pass common sense, BIPARTISAN gun violence protection laws NOW!


Today’s Top Stories:

Weather Service has to correct Trump after he wrongly told Alabama to prepare for a hurricane

The president’s mistaken warning forced the agency to scramble to get the right news out to the public.

Take Action: Keep up to date with Hurricane Dorian and find Florida area shelters.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Trump gives jaw-dropping response to Odessa shooting

The president’s deflection of any responsibility to take action to prevent gun violence in America is truly shameful.

Take Action: Repeal the law shielding gun makers from lawsuits when their products are used to murder innocents.

Show the world not all Americans are racist with gifts and gear from Resistance Merch

OD Action Shop: The hottest progressive swag from shirts and pants to mugs, magnets and more. #ResistLikeIts1776

Will & Grace star Debra Messing embarrasses Trump with a challenge after he attacks her on Twitter

If the president wants the sitcom actress to call him “Sir” again, Messing insists that Trump address gun regulations.

Trump claims to have never heard of Category 5 storms as the 4th one of his term approaches
How disengaged from the responsibilities of the job must a president be to forget Hurricanes Irma, Maria, and Michael?

Trump trade war: 15% tariffs on Chinese imports take effect, making goods more expensive for U.S. consumers
J.P. Morgan estimates the tariffs will cost the average American household $1,000 a year.

Take Action: Demand Trump end his ill-thought trade war with China that is hurting American families.

Menstruating migrant girls ‘visibly’ bleeding through pants while detained, lawsuit says
Court filings detail reports from teen girls who say they were given one sanitary pad a day. After that, they were forced to sit in soiled underwear and pants.

“Don’t think of an Elephant” — Democrats’ seminal guide to winning arguments and elections (now in audio)

OD Action Pick: The easily digestible guide from the brilliant George Lakoff is a must-read for any Democrat looking to get our country on track.

More than 100 lawmakers denounce Trump’s decision to end program for sick immigrants
Trump’s cruel new policy is being met with a justifiable outcry in Congress.

About 160,000 People in New York to See Their Marijuana Convictions Disappear
Under a new law, New York State will expunge the records of those convicted of low-level marijuana crimes.


Labor Day Action: Celebrate the labor movement

Hey, it’s the last day of a three-day weekend, we get that. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your barbecues and good times to celebrate the reason behind the occasion — and you don’t have to. Let’s do both!

We have America’s monumental labor movement to thank for the middle class burgeoning in the 20th century along with safe working conditions, livable wages, job benefits, overtime, the minimum wage, weekends and more.

Recent studies show that the victories organized labor fought for are benefitting working families across the country, whether they belong to a union or not, and today, unions are on the front lines of virtually every important political battle we’re fighting.

There’s a lot to celebrate! So if you’re planning to enjoy some festivities today, check out an AFL-CIO Labor Day event near you and celebrate union solidarity with the working men and women making life better for families nationwide.

While the benefits of unions are undeniable, organized labor has been under assault for decades by Republicans who would rather see income funneled to heads of corporations and investors than men and women working their butts off to feed their families.

In fact, as this chart makes clear, the wealth disparity that plagues our country today directly correlates to the systematic erosion of unions by ruthless conservative politicians:

We simply cannot hope to bring power and prosperity to America’s working families without strengthening organized labor.

So on this Labor Day, celebrate in solidarity with America’s unions at an AFL-CIO event near you.

Have a great weekend — and remember, without America’s unions, there’d be no such thing.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition calling on Republicans to join Democrats to pass common sense, bipartisan gun violence protection laws, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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