Whistleblower exposes Trump-Kushner-Russia bank cover-up

Tell presidential candidates: No


Today’s Action: Combat GOP restrictions on abortion rights – protests tomorrow!

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A whistleblower reveals Deutsche Bank covered up 2016 Kushner money transfers with Russia

The stunning revelations sent shockwaves through the intelligence and finance communities on Sunday afternoon.

Take Action: Demand Jared Kushner’s security clearance be revoked!

Trump sets off alarms with an unhinged Sunday evening threat against Iran
He has been escalating the feud all week, but he saved his biggest shot for the last day.

Wind turbines do not cause cancer. But pollution from the fossil fuel industry does.

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Trump panics and lashes out at the first Republican to call for his impeachment

The president reacted to the first crack in his Republican dam in very telling fashion.

Take Action: Call for Robert Mueller to testify publicly before Congress!

Trump goes on a jealous rant after Fox News praised Mayor Pete Buttigieg
He showed his insecurities about the young gay mayor with an unhinged Sunday tirade.

Mitt Romney publicly rakes Trump over the coals for trashing America’s character

The cracks in Trump’s Republican shield widened Sunday as a top Senator took a hammer to him.

Morehouse keynote speaker pays off debt of graduating class
400 graduates got the surprise of their lives on their big day.

Resist in style with progressive gifts and gear from Resistance Merch

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Elizabeth Warren has a plan for everything — including your love life
The progressive superstar went viral this weekend with an offer to help a comedian find love.

Today’s Action: Combat GOP restrictions on abortion rights – protests tomorrow!

There were already only three abortion centers in the entire state. Then last week, Alabama state officials passed and signed into law an outright ban on abortion (except in lifesaving circumstances), criminalizing the act with 99 years in prison for the doctor who performs it, even cases of rape and incest.

The law will not go into effect for six months – and most assuredly will face lawsuits to bump that date further down the road. But it’s the GOP’s latest and harshest attempt to tear down Roe v. Wade, as the makers hope to see it in front of the Supreme Court and overturn the historic decision that has kept basic abortion rights secure for American women since 1973.

And even if it’s overturned in court, Alabama women still face an uphill battle to receive their basic rights to choose – and they, along with women in Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, Ohio, Texas, and many other states with GOP strongholds – need our help.

  1. Join the nationwide protest for abortion rights tomorrow, Tuesday May 21. Enter your zip code here to find an event near you!
  2. Check your state’s abortion access score. Then, call or email your State Governor and State Representatives and tell them you support strong pro-choice abortion laws that keep the decision where it belongs: with the woman.
  3. Help women safely access their right to choose by volunteering as a clinic escort, walking women across picket lines of anti-choice protestors to receive the care they need. Visit the National Abortion Federation and the Abortion Care Network for lists of clinics near you, and call them to inquire about their needs.

With a right-leaning SCOTUS, we can’t just depend on them to uphold Roe and a woman’s right to choose. That’s why action must happen at the State level to stop harmful legislation from passing in the first place…and at the individual level, to help in ways that even legislation can’t control.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition calling for Democrats to commit to REAL climate colutions, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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