White House admits Trump ignoring science on school openings

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Top Stories for July 17:

White House press secretary: “Science should not stand in the way of” schools fully reopening

Trump’s chief spinster said science should not get in the way of reopening schools while also claiming the science for reopening schools is on the president’s side.

Take Action: Tell Betsy DeVos and Trump not to try to win the election by forcing children into packed classrooms that endanger lives!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Fed up Fox News host cuts into Trump’s speech with blistering fact check defending Obama

Even the openly conservative, pro-Trump news channel couldn’t stand idly by while the president launched patently absurd lies about his predecessor.

Take Action: Demand all networks commit to not airing Trump’s speeches without fact checking his lies!

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Trump’s bombshell move set to take down entire GOP
Things just went from bad to worse for the Republican Party.

Trump hawks Goya beans from Resolute Desk in Oval Office
The president took time out of his day to share photos of himself grinning alongside Goya products in the Oval Office, as critics accuse Ivanka Trump of violating ethics rules for promoting the company’s beans.

Take Action: Demand an investigation into Ivanka and Jared’s corrupt profiteering off Trump’s presidency!

Pandemic data has already disappeared after Trump snatched control from CDC
Previously public data on hospital and ICU bed use has already disappeared from the CDC’s website after the White House quietly shifted control of the information to the president’s team.

Russia tried to hack virus vaccine research, US, UK and Canada say
Russian cyber espionage groups responsible for breaking into Democratic Party servers in 2016 to help Trump win the election were caught attempting to steal vaccine research.

Trump launches into weird tirade lamenting how dishwashers don’t have enough water at White House event
The president slurred and garbled his way through a wild, nonsensical tangent during a surreal White House event on “deregulation.”

Take Action: Tell TV networks: Stop livecasting Trump’s press conferences. His lies are getting people killed!

Election year is here!

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Chuck Woolery says ‘everyone is lying’ about virus, then reveals son’s positive diagnosis
The former game show host revealed his son’s positive test result, a day after the president retweeted his post declaring “everyone is lying” about the pandemic, including the media, Democrats and the CDC.

New video shows LAPD cops throwing Black protester from his wheelchair, breaking it in the process
Outrage erupted on social media after police were recorded violently hurling a disabled Black protester out of his wheelchair.

Mary Trump’s tell-all book breaks record with mammoth sales
The president’s niece sold a staggering 950,000 copies of her book by the end of its first day on sale.



No longer shocking.


Today’s Action: Demand our leaders defy the #CovidCoverUp and keep data public

Since the beginning of this pandemic, the Trump Administration has taken disturbing steps to control the narrative, from calling it a hoax to lying about testing to demanding economies and schools open in the face of rising cases.

But now, because they cannot fight the data, they are simply covering up the data. 

This week, Trump ordered all hospitals to STOP reporting statistics to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and instead direct that info to a private contractor hired by Health and Human Services. The key difference? The CDC makes the information public, so that our media, researchers, and voters have access to how widespread the pandemic has gotten. But it won’t be public now – and Trump will be able to manipulate the numbers however he pleases.

Call or email your Governors and Members of Congress and demand they defy Trump’s schemes to keep the pandemic data hidden, and release statistics to the public by any means necessary. 

Hospitals are now scrambling to adjust procedures, as Trump’s abrupt rule change gave no lead time to prepare for the transition. Trump’s stated reason is that the CDC isn’t fully equipped to handle the caseload, even though it’s literally been built to address a public health crisis. So if that’s the case, the CDC needs boosted support and funding to address any issues.

This is a deadly cover-up and we MUST have access to the data. It’s time for our leaders and hospitals to defy orders to keep us safe.

Email or call your Governors and Members of Congress and demand they keep pandemic data public – even if that means breaking with Trump’s orders to release it.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition demanding Trump stop using the White House and public resources for campaign events, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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