covfefe [KOH-fay-fay]
1. (n) the act of simultaneously confessing to and covering up a crime
2. (v) to engage in covfefe
Ex: “Trump tried to covfefe his corrupt dealings with Ukraine as his presidency crumbled around him. It did not go well.” (RETWEET)

Today’s Top Stories:

White House accidentally sends Dems their transcript game plan then begs them to ignore it

The Trump team tried to play their hand but dropped the cards all over the table in an embarrassing gaffe.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Trump falls on face during devastating interview with Ukrainian president

In depth analysis of Trump’s disastrous interview

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11 Republican Senators vote with Democrats to stop Trump’s use of military funds for his wall
In a sharp rebuke from his own party, the Republican President’s desperate go-around was stopped dead in its tracks.

Take Action: Tell Congress to stop Trump stealing vital funds to build his stupid, environment-destroying border wall!

Trump says reporters should ask for Mike Pence’s conversations with Ukrainian president

In a surreal press conference at the United Nations, the president abruptly pulled his vice president into his growing scandal.

Take Action: Tell Congress to investigate Pence after transcripts show he was complicit in the president’s crimes

During press conference Trump says he wants Ukrainian president to do “whatever he can” about Biden’s son
While an impeachment inquiry unfolds, the president publicly dug his hole even deeper.

Congressmen are reacting with alarm after reading “shocking” Trump whistleblower complaint
Legislators who viewed the confidential document say that it’s even “bigger” than we thought.

“Don’t think of an Elephant” — Democrats’ seminal guide to winning arguments and elections (now in audio)

OD Action Pick: The easily digestible guide from the brilliant George Lakoff is a must-read for any Democrat looking to get our country on track.

Fox News’s Judge Napolitano: Trump’s Ukrainian call is absolutely a crime
While Trump and his lawyer Giuliani claim no harm no foul, their favorite network’s judge couldn’t disagree more.

U.S. intel chief to Trump: I’d rather quit than stonewall Congress at whistleblower hearing
Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire drew a clear line in the sand for the White House ahead of his upcoming testimony to Congress.

Trump incriminates himself by releasing transcript summary of Ukrainian call, then claims it exonerates him
The Republican president is running a victory lap while Democrats are licking their chops.

Trump attacks whistleblower’s lawyer’s past Biden donations despite also having donated to Biden
The president tried to use political donations as evidence of bias but appeared to forget about his own past.


Today’s Action: Tell the House to cancel recess to focus on impeachment

This has been a historic week. On Tuesday, thanks to the tireless efforts of activists and engaged voters around the country (including the OD Action community!), the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced a formal impeachment inquiry against President Trump.

The momentum to impeach has been building since early on in Trump’s presidency, with a seemingly endless string of legal and constitutional violations. But Trump’s urging of the Ukrainian president to assist him in destroying the reputation of possible pre-election opponent Joe Biden (and based on no evidence of wrongdoing) while withholding $391 million in military funding to Ukraine, followed by the Trump administration’s attempt to cover up the whistleblower who identified the violation, has been the final straw for even the most conservative of Democratic leadership…and that’s because the power of the people has been relentless in making our demands.

The House is set to leave for a two-week recess beginning this Monday, September 30, but this is too important to delay.

Call or email your Representative and urge them to cancel their upcoming Sept 30 – Oct 14 recess, which would remove them from impeachment progress for two weeks. And, join the events happening around the country to make this demand in person.

We have a long road ahead of us. The announcement to begin impeachment proceedings means the House will begin an investigation into Trump’s wrongdoings – but it is not a vote to impeach at this time. Additionally, if the vote passes the House, impeachment will need to pass through the Senate, we have an even greater uphill battle to gather the ⅔ vote to remove Trump from office.

We started down this path nearly three years ago, using all our courage, fire, and love for humanity under attack to fight against a man who singularly embodies hate and corruption. This victory is a stepping stone to celebrate, as well as a reminder to not fall into complacency until we have our real victory: removing Trump and his cronies from office, whether it be via impeachment or voting him out.

Email or call (202.224.3121) your Representative and demand they cancel the House’s upcoming recess in order to immediately address the next steps of the impeachment process. Make your demands loud and clear by joining one of the events happening around the country!

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition to tell Congress to Pass the No President is Above the Law Act to hold Trump and his successors accountable for crimes, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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