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Top Stories for September 24:

Someone at White House called 1/6 insurrectionist during the insurrection

Former January 6th Committee senior technical adviser tells 60 Minutes that the White House switch board connected a call to someone while they were storming the Capitol, raising a whole host of questions about possible coordination between the Trump team and the mob on January 6th.

Take Action: Demand Merrick Garland punish Trump and his fans for threatening Jan. 6 witnesses!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Rep. Raskin blows the roof off the House, destroys Republicans in devastating response

Democratic congressman Jamie Raskin demolished his colleagues from across the aisle for continuing to lie about January 6th and whitewashing the insurrection by giving oxygen to unfounded conspiracy theories.

Take Action: Tell the Justice Department to hold Trump accountable for his crimes!

Democrats are on a ROLL! Let’s keep the momentum going!

Swing State Victory Project: A new poll from Marquette U shows Democrats with a SIX POINT national lead! We need to hit the gas pedal to make sure Congress stays out of the hands of Trump’s insurrectionist cronies! Can you chip in to the Swing State Victory Project and help propel the Democrats to victory?

Arizona judge reinstates Civil War era near-total abortion ban
Pima County Superior Court Judge Kellie Johnson lifted a long-standing injunction blocking the ban originally passed in 1864 – decades before Arizona even became a state.

Take Action: Demand the Senate reject Lindsey Graham’s national abortion ban!

Autopsy reveals Elijah McClain killed by sedative ordered by arresting cops
As we all feared, an amended autopsy report shows that Elijah McClain, an unarmed 23-year-old Black man, was murdered by police when they injected ketamine into him while he was restrained during a mental health episode.

Take Action: Fire all the cops, soldiers, and politicians named in the Oath Keepers member list!

Matt Gaetz expected to avoid charges for sex trafficking violations

The MAGA congressman has been under federal investigation since 2020 for paying a minor for sex – and sought a preemptive pardon from ex-president Trump. Concerns about witness credibility, however, will likely deter DOJ from filing charges.

Take Action: Tell Facebook to crack down on dangerous Republican lies about the IRS!

QAnon insurrectionist among first to breach Capitol found guilty on all charges
Iowa Trump supporter Doug Jensen, who attained infamy when footage of him leading the mob that chased Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman up the stairs went viral, was convicted of all seven counts by a D.C. jury.

Ron DeSantis’ migrant stunt BACKFIRES spectacularly

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Not what he expected…

GOP candidate makes hideous comments about failed Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping
In a particularly deranged incident at a campaign event Friday, Republican Michigan gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon compared regulating businesses to having a gun pointed at your head and said that “For someone so worried about being kidnapped, Gretchen Whitmer sure is good at taking business hostage and holding it for ransom.”

Filings show Trump’s paying his mounting legal bills with PAC donations
The disgraced former president is raiding his Save America PAC’s vaults to pay his lawyers, somehow once again managing to avoid paying for anything himself and ripping off his supporters at the same time, again!

DOJ resumes investigation into classified Mar-a-Lago documents seized in raid
A national security risk assessment has recommenced after a federal appeals court dismantled a Trump-appointed judge’s decision to block investigators from reviewing the classified documents while a special master analyzes them.


America, the bruteiful

Meanwhile, in the rest of the world…


Today’s Action: Tell your senators to reject Lindsey Graham’s national abortion ban!

While GOP political candidates across the country are quickly attempting to backtrack on their craven anti-abortion extremism, Senate Republicans stand ready as ever to escalate their war on a woman’s right to choose.

Sen. Lindsey Graham introduced a wildly unpopular national ban on abortions after 15 weeks under the deeply misleadingly excuse of ending “late-term” abortions — a right-wing political construct, not an actual term used by medical professionals. The truth is, the vast majority of abortions performed after 21 weeks are done so to save the life of the mother or to end a nonviable pregnancy. As if things couldn’t get worse, doctors have warned that the GOP’s proposed ban would force some women to have invasive transvaginal ultrasounds.

Call (202-224-3121) or email your senators and tell them to vote down Lindsey Graham’s draconian abortion ban!

Graham’s radical bill is a direct threat to the lives of American women. We’ve already seen how the new anti-abortion bans in red states have had a chilling effect on the medical community, delaying treatment for women and forcing them to endure immense physical suffering out of fear of criminal prosecution.

There is no time to waste. We must send a loud and clear message to the United States Senate that the American people support abortion rights and that we reject Lindsey Graham’s effort to impose the GOP’s distorted religious agenda on an unwilling American public.

Call (202-224-3121) or email your senators and demand they reject Lindsey Graham’s national abortion ban!


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