White House leak exposes why Trump melted down this weekend

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Demand Trump accept responsibility for his OWN failure to act sooner and save lives!


Today’s Top Stories:

Are you f*cking stupid?: Trump’s weekend polling meltdown exposed

Insiders revealed why the president spent the entire weekend hate-tweeting at everyone and everything in an insecure rage.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Multiple reporters force Trump’s press secretary to answer question she’s avoiding

Trump’s vile smear tactics are finally being challenged by the media.

Take Action: Tell Trump to stop stonewalling the media and give the American people the answers we deserve!

Check out this week’s episode: Trump to America: Die as I say, not as I do

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Cops fired after killing George Floyd
The Black man pleaded that he could not breathe as three officers watched another kneel on his neck.

Take Action: Help fight hate in your own community. Read the SPLC’s guide to the ten ways you can make difference!

Trump’s order to reopen meatpacking plants caused huge outbreak
The president sided with corporate profits over public safety and willfully killed American workers.

Widower begs Trump to stop tweeting baseless conspiracies about his late wife
The grieving husband of Lori Klausutis issued a heartbreaking plea to the president to stop making him re-live his beloved’s tragic death.

Trump dismisses his own government’s guidance about masks as “politically correct”
Trump’s latest unhinged news conference illustrates why he’s no longer doing daily pandemic briefings.

Take Action: Check out WHO’s recommendations for staying safe and stopping the spread.

Election year is here!

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Trump’s spokeswoman clashes with reporters, blames Morning Joe for Trump’s wild accusations
A heated exchange ensued as Kayleigh McEnany tried to pass the blame for Trump’s appalling behavior onto his victim.

Pentagon watchdog sidelined by Trump resigns
Trump is systematically eliminating accountability, and the public servant is walking away.



Not going away…


Today’s Action: Tell the House to protect ALL from warrantless internet searches

The House is expected to vote this week on a bipartisan amendment to limit the FBI’s ability to conduct vast warrantless searches on our internet searches and browsing history…but the progressive amendment (which has the votes to pass the Senate) has been weakened in the final hours thanks to a surprising influence.

Negotiations between the amendment cosponsors and Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA-28), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, narrowed the scope after Schiff insisted on limiting the protections to “U.S. Persons.” Now, immigrants will still be subject to limitless warrantless searches, and the language is also open to interpretation regarding cases where it’s not clear to the FBI whether a citizen or non-citizen is accessing the internet.

The vote is THIS WEEK. Call or email your Representative and tell them to return the Lofgren-Davidson amendment of the USA FREEDOM Authorization Act (H.R.6172) to its original language and remove the qualification of “U.S. Persons” only. Citizens AND non-citizens should be protected from warrantless FBI searches of internet and browsing history.

The bipartisan amendment has already seen strong support in the Senate, where it needed 60 in favor to pass but lost in the Senate by a single vote. It would have passed if any of these 12 Democrat and independents had voted “yea.” If the House passes it this week, those 12 (including at least one who plans to vote for it) will have another chance.

But the House amendment is weaker than the Senate, a reversal of recent trends, and a failure to protect us all from relentless invasion of our private lives. House Democrats must push back against the changes to the Lofgren-Davidson amendment and return it to the original, stronger language.

Email or call (202.224.3121) your Representative and tell them to return the Lofgren-Davidson amendment to the USA FREEDOM Authorization Act (H.R.6172) to its original language, removing the “U.S. Persons”-only qualification. We want to prohibit the FBI from warrantless searches of our internet and browsing history, period…not just sometimes, for some people. 

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition demanding Trump accept responsibility for his own failure to act sooner and save lives, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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