Demand all White House residence staff get paid time off while Trump is infectious

Trump has completely failed at protecting the American people from COVID-19 – and despite the best protective resources available to him, he repeatedly and actively placed himself in harm’s way. In fact, it’s shocking he didn’t catch COVID before now.

The President returned to the White House from the hospital and immediately removed his mask for the cameras, claiming catching COVID-19 was a “blessing from God” and that we shouldn’t fear the virus that has killed over 200,000 Americans. Ooookay.

Trump is still contagious and maskless…and though high-up GOP officials are welcome to work from home, the White House residence staff sharing his air don’t have that choice.

Sign here to demand White House residence staff get paid time off while the White House remains a COVID-19 hotspot.

There is still no mask mandate at the White House, weeks after the building was confirmed a COVID-19 superspreader. But the cooks, the custodial staff, groundskeepers and other employees are required to continue working and breathing infected air.

Why do we fear for their lives? Because Trump hasn’t cared for the over 200,000 gone so far.

Add your name to paid time off for White House staff while Trump is contagious.


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