Impeach Trump for intentionally putting American lives at risk when he KNEW the dangers of COVID

“This is deadly stuff.” – Trump, to Bob Woodward, February 2020

“More deadly than even your strenuous flus…” – Trump, to Bob Woodward, February 2020

“I wanted to always play it down.” – Trump, to Bob Woodward, March 2020

Add your name to call for Trump’s impeachment for KNOWING the risks of COVID-19 and blatantly lying to the public.

Bob Woodward’s book Rage is about to be released, quoting audio recordings of Trump stating he knew the dangers of COVID-19 but wanted to keep that information from the public. Why? Well, as Dr. Anthony Fauci is quoted, “His sole purpose is to get reelected.”

Trump had the singular authority to potentially save hundreds of thousands of lives and millions of jobs. But instead, millions of people mourn their dead, millions more are unemployed, and we still don’t have control over the outbreaks, or the supplies to properly combat it. 

The irresponsibility, the hubris, and the greed of this man in seeking re-election is enraging but none of it compares with the CRIME of mass murder he has committed.

Trump needs to be impeached. And then sent to prison.

Sign here to demand Trump’s second impeachment for intentionally misleading the American people about the danger of COVID-19.


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