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Top Stories for November 17:

Virginia’s Republican governor unveils disturbing new history guidelines for public schools

GOP Gov. Glenn Younkin’s craven new “guidelines” include the whitewashing of slavery, the removal of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Juneteenth from the K-5 curriculum entirely, and the wholesale exclusion of LGBTQ+ people or issues from elementary classroom discussions. White nationalist indoctrination starts early, folks, and Youngkin is insistent on making sure Virginia’s kids learn the Tucker Carlson version of “history.”

Take Action: Demand school boards stop banning LGBTQ+ books from libraries!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Herschel Walker humiliates himself unlike ever before in disastrous appearance

The bumbling GOP Senate candidate launched his run-off campaign with an absolute doozy of a press conference, in which he went into a lengthy monologue on…vampires and werewolves. This is not a joke.

Take Action: Demand Congress lower drug prices now!

Lauren Boebert’s opponent issues major news on the race
No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Big news.

Republicans win US House majority, setting stage for divided government
Sadly, Democrats were not able to hold the House, but we will be able to enjoy the spectacle of maximum chaos. The GOP is going to tear itself apart as Marjorie Taylor Greene and her rogue’s gallery of degenerate zealots and backstabbing sociopaths hold the rest of the party hostage until the most pressing issues facing the American people are addressed, like entering pictures of Hunter Biden’s penis into the congressional record and sending Dr. Fauci to an Aleutian work camp. Pop some corn and steel yourself for the dumbening!

Take Action: Tell Biden to commit to ending fossil fuels!

Senate votes to advance same-sex marriage bill
In a win for progressives, twelve Republicans broke ranks and joined Democrats in voting for the Respect for Marriage Act, which will codify same-sex and interracial marriages already registered in case of any further disastrous Supreme Court rulings. However, there’s much more work to be done; the bill does not protect any future same-sex marriages should Obergefell be overturned, leaving the door wide open for red states to once again deny same-sex couples the right to marry down the road.

Take Action: Tell Congress to protect immigrant youths from deportation!

Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner impeached by lame duck Pennsylvania House
“Small government” Republicans succeeded in overthrowing the will of the people and impeached the recently re-elected progressive prosecutor Larry Krasner for failing to solve all the crimes despite there being not a shred of evidence that his efforts to reduce incarceration has anything to do with the deadly violence afflicting the City of Brotherly Love. It’s particularly infuriating because these same Republicans are responsible for Pennsylvania’s absurdly lax gun laws, which, you’ll be shocked to learn, is a huge driver of violence.

“The sheriff who went rogue”: Alex Villanueva’s scandal-plagued tenure ends in LA
At long last, the reign of the diabolical Villanueva as Los Angeles County sheriff has come to an end as voters resoundingly rejected him at the ballot box. Villanueva embodied the worst of the worst when it comes to law enforcement, abusing his position to cover up the rampant civil rights abuses in the LAPD, defying civilian attempts to investigate the numerous white supremacist gang members in the force, and even using police resources to intimidate and harass public officials who drew his ire. Good riddance.

Karen Bass elected mayor of LA over billionaire rival Rick Caruso in historic win
The City of Angels breathed a sigh of relief as progressive Karen Bass defeated right-wing billionaire Rick Caruso, who apparently needed a more convincing message than “I will make sure you don’t have to see the homeless anymore.” Choosing a real estate mogul to solve the housing crisis he helped create is like choosing Donald Trump to heal the racial divide because he knows a lot about being racist, and the last thing Los Angeles needs is another billionaire using the city’s resources to cater to the material needs and uptight sensibilities of the oligarchy.

Woman bleeding profusely from miscarriage denied critical treatment at Ohio ER, nearly costing her her life
The latest horror story from America’s post-Dobbs hellscape features a woman who nearly died because an Ohio hospital — hamstrung by the state’s disastrous new ban on abortion care — refused to treat her for the heavy bleeding from a miscarriage that was confirmed weeks before.

South Carolina school board fires Black superintendent within two hours of being sworn in
A radical, right-wing, dark-money-fueled group called “Moms for Liberty” funded six candidates who successfully took over the Berkeley County school board and immediately ran roughshod through the district, banning “CRT” from the curriculum (CRT is a college-level course), establishing a book-banning committee, and unceremoniously firing the district’s first Black superintendent.

McConnell wins Republican leadership vote
As to be expected. What is dead may never die.


And in other news…

DEEP DIVE: The horrors hidden under the World Cup in Qatar


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